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The Intergen Way programme brings older and younger people together in school to inspire and learn from each other in their local communities. It is free to use.

It is free to use by schools, commissioners of services for older people and older people themselves who want to engage with schools to run the Intergen Way programme.

    • It is school based and schools are in the driving seat
    • The needs of the school to enhance the pupils’ development is the core of the programme.
    • It has become clear that older people derive benefits from being part of it, as they feel less isolated and gain a sense of purpose.
    • They also bring benefits to the schools, the pupils and all the school community.
    • Twenty years of R&D have shown us that the programme has value for all the stakeholders which includes older people, young people and teachers.

All the tools, research reports and other information on this Intergen site are freely available for use by any school or service provider or commissioner wanting to improve the lives of young and old people in their local communities

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Intergen in words

What: Brings older and younger people together to learn and have fun, sharing the untapped skills, knowledge and experience of life older people have to offer, so they support and inspire each other.

Where: In schools, secondary and primary in their neighbourhood.

Why: Two sections of our local communities are being increasingly challenged:

Schools are expected to continuously improve the education experience, and achieve better numeracy and literacy results, despite increasing class sizes and constrained budgets.

Older people are living longer, often without close family nearby, and the social care budget is growing larger and larger. They represent an untapped resource or skills and knowledge for schools.

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Intergen provides many advantages for young people and it can change the attitudes of older people too

Jan Garrett – Head teacher