Intergeners thoughts

Out of the 36 responses, 16 noted no problems or things that weren’t right for them, i.e. 44.4% reported no problems


  • Difficult to get reading space in the school
  • Vagueness over aims and objectives; had to work alone and feel my way
  • No budget for materials
  • After coming back from India in-school co-ordinator was not there and I was escorted out and promised a phone call;
    nobody has ever rung me
  • School doesn’t always inform me when I am needed, I usually have to phone them
  • High school development is very challenging
  • Intergen publicity could be clearer about what we do
  • Supply teacher not particularly interested in my work.
  • Senior school originally didn’t understand the role of the helper – the teacher thought I would free up some time for her,
    but I didn’t want to lecture the students
  • Have not yet started in the school I was assigned to – after interview and DBS heard nothing for 2/3 month (inc summer).
    Contact now made following call to office. I will start at the school soon.
  • It isn’t always easy to get information from the school
  • School staff room is very uncomfortable place for volunteers/visitors, staff aren’t particularly friendly/welcoming.
  • My skills haven’t been made as much use of as they could be due to school’s restrictions of the curriculum/timetable
  • I made the mistake of giving a photo of my cat Smokey to a pupil
  • School doesn’t have a system to enable best use of my skills
  • More Co-ordinator support once in school. Was wished good luck by e-mail and didn’t hear again for five months
  • Wasn’t impressed by one teacher who abruptly told me that I wasn’t needed that day
  • Have found previous Intergen get-togethers quite cliquey
  • Not enough guidance at beginning of volunteering
  • News that Mrs Z is standing down as Co-ordinator